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Annäherung / Entfernung
Composition for two sopranos, flute, oboe, clarinet, percussion and sound-installation
(co-author Susanne Stelzenbach)

1998/99: Commissioned and produced by the Musikbiennale Berlin, in collaboration with the Nationalgalerie Hamburger Bahnhof, the museum of contemporary art in Berlin /
ca. 55 min

First performance March 13th 1999:

Maacha Deubner, soprano
Ksenija Lukic, soprano

ensemble recherche:
Martin Fahlenbock, flute
Jacqualine Burk, oboe
Shizuyo Oka, clarinet
Christian Dierstein, percussion

The sound installation consists of eight ‘ropes’ of wire stretched across a large space. Special electro-mechanical transformers oscillate the wire ropes, simultaneously feeding in several sounds and noises. Microphones are attached to the end of the ropes to allow a variety of feedback-sounds and amplify percussive strokes. In effect, the installation functions as an enormous musical instrument. Musicians and singers move around within the installation, and the percussionist ‘plays’ it. The sounds of the installation and the musicians alternate between fusion and separation, following a strict and complex time structure based on the Fibonacci sequence. In this way, Convergence and Distance takes place on all levels of a highly varied musical tightrope act.
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