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open windows 2.0
Music theatre installation (1998)
for four actors, countertenor, saxophone and sound installation
(co-author Susanne Stelzenbach)

First performance: Staatsschauspiel, Dresden July 2nd, 1998

Cornelia Kaupert, actor
Hannelore Koch, actor
Daniel Minetti, actor
Wolfgang Sörgel, actor
René Rothe, countertenor
Bertram Quosdorf, saxophone

open windows 2.0 has no distinct narrative and no fixed constellation of characters. The themes and the expression of the actors words change as if we are zapping through TV channels, the associations extended by the saxophonist and countertenor. Although the work contains many puzzles of words, sentences, songs, saxophone solos and small sketches, it forms a self-contained, cohesive whole. The stage setting includes several mirrors, TV-monitors and a sound installation with oscillating wire Œropes¹, that symbolise a multifarious, networked world.
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