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dramma per musica
with words by Johann Wolfgang Goethe and Volker Braun
(co-author Susanne Stelzenbach)

phigenie was premiered at Hebbel-Theater Berlin on June 18th, 1993

Co-production Hebbel-Theater Berlin,
Hans-Otto-Theater Potsdam
and Brandenburgische Philharmonie

Susanne Stelzenbach, musical direction
Alexander Stillmark, staging
Hans Brasch, sets and costumes
Jeannot Bessière, lighting design
Ralf Hoyer, sound direction
Werner Hintze, dramaturgy
Christian Deichstetter, choir

Elvira Dreßen, Iphigenie (mezzosoprano)
Peter Zimmermann, Orest (actor)
Werner Kuske, Pylades (actor)
Hans Georg Priese, Thoas (bassbariton)

Brandenburgische Philharmonie
Choir of the Hans-Otto-Theater Potsdam

The piece alternates between opera, melodrama and drama.
The basis for the text is taken from Johann Wolfgang Goethe’s “Iphigenie“ and Volker Braun’s “Iphigenie in Freiheit“

The drama by Johann Wolfgang Goethe has been abridged to the main episodes and the roles have been reduced to four. A mixed choir, with words by Volker Braun, has been added as a sort of ancient Greek chorus. Volker Braun is one of the most famous writers of the former GDR and received the Büchner award in 2000.
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