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6- channel audio-visual composition

to the Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music 2011 at Berlin / duration 12:38

Frequency ist the reciprocal value of time. Time is defined as a number of vibration periodes with a particular frequency. The german word for time is Zeit, the german word for drawn is gezeichnet.

This electroacoustic piece is made without any sound generators. The waveforms of all sounds are drawn with the pencil-tool in ProTools and multiplicated by using the copy, paste and invert command. The noise waveforms are drawn in longer sections directly – that has required 2 hours for 0,2 secounds. Studio equipment like delay, reverb or equilizers not has been used.

First I was drawing a lot of different waveforms. Than I arranged it in a 6-channel loudspeaker set
around the audience in the following constellation:
Channel 1 – front left
2 – front right
3 – middle left
4 – middle right
5 – rear left
6 – rear right

The first performance of this piece was in a Berlin subway station, which was built in 1928 but never gone to work. It was used as a transformer station, as a depot, as a shelter. The video shows this grazed underground rooms.

The title has an other meaning also: in German von der Zeit gezeichnet means grazed, affected, engraved by time.

- - -

Please note that the sum of channels 1+2 / 3+4 / 5+6 is not stereo compatible. It falsifies the rhythmical structur especially at the beginning of the piece. For information playback with stereo equipment please take the special stereo-mix.

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