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2013/3/21 - 2013/3/23 / 00:00 a.m /  Milano
Giving Robots a "Voice": A Kineto-Acoustic Performance
Ralf Hoyer (Artist, Berlin), Andre Bartetzki (Audio Communication Group,  TU Berlin), Dominik Kirchner, Andreas Witsch & Kurt Geihs  (Distributed System Group, University of Kassel), M.J.G. van de  Molengraft (Control Systems Technology Group, Technical University of  Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Präsentation of the paper
 at the 3rd International Conference for Arts and Technology
ArtsIT 2013  Milano, Italy
The paper describes the artistic concept and technical details of the Project
MID SIZE ROBO SOCCER MUSIC, realized in the context of the festival "inhuman music - compositions by machines, animals and randoms" February 21-24, 2013 in the House of World Cultures in Berlin.

Video of the performance at

Presentation on ArtsIT 2013 in Milano at
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